Powdered W.A. Bee Pollen (5kg)

Powdered W.A. Bee Pollen (5kg)



Premium Powdered WA Bee Pollen (5kg pack)

Our premium powdered pollen is milled to order from ready to pack pollen (grains). By milling to order, we ensure optimal quality and shelf-life to provide a product that is ready to incorporate into almost any formulation with ease. Exhibiting the same high-quality as our regular pollen in grain format, our premium powdered bee pollen is available in 5kg vacuum packed bags to limit oxidation. Because this product is milled to order, please allow a lead time of approximately 2 weeks. 

Animal Grade Powdered WA Bee Pollen (5kg pack)

As part of processing, our premium WA bee pollen is mechanically graded and cleaned to remove extraneous materials. As part of this mechanical process, a significant amount of powdered pollen is generated and collected. This powdered pollen is ideal for incorporation into animal feeds for a range of applications. More commonly equine and canine diets are supplemented with bee pollen to treat certain medical conditions and to promote health and well-being.  

Disclaimer: Please note this product is not sold for human consumption.

Powdered W.A. Bee Pollen (5kg)

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